Looking North Through Art: Alternative Approaches to Landscape and Energy Ethics in Scotland

“Looking North Through Art: Alternative Approaches to Landscape and Energy Ethics in Scotland” is a series of online talks in two parts.

Over the course of eight events, four artists – to be paired with writers/ researchers in the second round – explore concepts of landscape and nature in Scotland.

Through discussing some of their projects and thoughts, speakers will provide alternative approaches and perspectives which stand in contrast with and move beyond mainstream narratives surrounding the idea of “Scottish Landscape”.

This series invites speakers and participants to reflect upon those themes through the lens of art and writing, guided by questions of climate change, ecocriticism and energy ethics.

Programme – Part One 2022:

24 August
Alex Boyd (photographer, researcher and art historian)

‘Looking North Through Art – Alex Boyd’ video on YouTube

8 September
Sekai Machache (Zimbabwean-Scottish visual artist and curator based in Glasgow)

‘Looking North Through Art – Sekai Machache’ video on YouTube

16 September
Mhairi Killin (multi-discipline artist, Killin’s practice explores the island landscapes that surround and are her home)

‘Looking North Through Art – Mhairi Killin’ video on YouTube

3 October
Sophie Gerrard (Scottish documentary photographer whose work focuses on environmental and social themes)

‘Looking North Through Art – Sophie Gerrard’ video on YouTube

Open and free to all. For more information and to sign up to all upcoming events in the series register here.

This event series is a joint project created by Tori Champion and Anne Daffertshofer, two PhD researchers from the School of Art History at the University of St Andrews. 

The series is funded by the Centre for Energy Ethics Event Grant Scheme and St Leonard’s Postgraduate College Community Fund, and supported and endorsed by STACEES.


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