Network Launch: Power to the People

5 April 2021, 12:00-13:30

Research Seminar

Guest speaker: Professor John Irvine

Join us for the virtual launch of the University’s new interdisciplinary research network, the St Andrews Network for Climate, Energy, Environment and Sustainability (STACEES).

The launch will kick off with a paper by Professor John Irvine (School of Chemistry) entitled ‘Power to the People’.

It is now well-recognised that global warming is being driven by increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and that there are severe risks to society and the planet from this global warming.  In global terms Scotland is a fairly small player, and whilst making Scotland carbon neutral is a useful exemplar, it will not have major effect on climate change.

Scotland does have significant renewable resource and the rest of the world typically does not have such resource, hence there is an evolving market for green  energy.  This not only allows Scotland to significantly impact on global warming remediation, it also offers important opportunities for both wealth and job creation.  The tool to enable this green energy economy is flexible storage of energy.

Professor Irvine will discuss the potential of electrochemical technologies to store electrons, create new green chemicals and fuels, and to deliver clean energy from waste to deliver this new economy, highlighting the potential of distributed technologies to make early and significant reductions in carbon dioxide impacts on the atmosphere.

The talk will be followed by a relaxed, informal networking session for the final half hour.

STACEES Power to the People poster 2021

‘Power to the People’ video on YouTube

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