The role of heritage and education in promoting sustainable development in climate-change sensitive settings tales from Peru

24 May 13:30-14:30.

Bilingual Spanish-English seminar delivered by a team from the Peruvian NGO PRISMA.

Maria Carmen Palacios, Oliver Calle, Amanda Valdez (all PRISMA, Peru).

Chaired by
Alejandra Pizarro Choy, PhD student, School of Geography and Sustainable Development.

This seminar is part of an international exchange visit that seeks to exchange understanding of climate risks and community adaptation for secondary school teachers, academics and other stakeholders. The ‘International exchange on education for sustainable development: supporting  adaptation for climate change’ builds on outputs from two interdisciplinary, multi-sectoral research collaborations between Scotland and Peru on sustainable development in climate-change sensitive settings. A bilingual teaching resource for secondary teachers produced by the Royal Geographical Society and the University of St Andrews using material generated by students is the basis for curriculum exchange on El Niño and Sustainable Development.   

We will hear from representatives of a Peruvian organisation that developed an award winning educational resource for local school learners to enhance climate adaptation and facilitate competencies for sustainability.

Further info on El Niño: Phenomenon of Opportunities

Language delivery
Spanish presentation with English subtitles on the slides. Questions in English will be translated for speaker comprehension and responses in Spanish translated for non-Spanish speaking audience comprehension. There will be pauses for clarifications for non-Spanish speaking audience members. 

Lapworth Lab (ground floor, Irvine Building) and Microsoft Teams.

This event is brought to you by a team from School of Geography and Sustainable Development (SGSD): Prof Nina Laurie, Dr Rehema White, Dr Althea Davies and Dr Vanessa Schofield, in collaboration with STACEES, CAS and GOSSIP. 

Acronym legend:
STACEES: St Andrews Network for Climate, Energy, Environment and Sustainability
CAS: Centre for Amerindian, Latin American and Caribbean Studies
GOSSIP: Geographies of Sustainability, Society, Inequalities and Possibilities Group 

All welcome!

‘The role of heritage and education in promoting sustainable development in climate-change sensitive settings tales from Peru’ video on YouTube

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