Sustainable development conundrum in artisanal fisheries – a case study in Peru

20 April 2021, 11:00-12:00

Research Seminar

Guest speaker: Dr Tania Mendo

Join us for another great interdisciplinary paper, this time by Dr Tania Mendo (School of Biology) entitled ‘Sustainable development conundrum in artisanal fisheries – a case study in Peru’.

Artisanal shrimp trawl fisheries in Peru operate illegally with high levels of bycatch, impacting biodiversity in coastal areas. Conflicts with other fishers, NGOs and government enforcement actions have prompted the trawling community to seek academic advice to inform bycatch reduction with a view to encouraging authorities to approve and manage their activities.

This project aimed to determine the spatio-temporal distribution of the fleet and assess catch and bycatch to develop recommendations that reconcile the protection of biodiversity with the sustainability of the fishery and its socio-economic benefits.

The financial implications of adopting a new trawl net designed to reduce by-catch was explored to assess the viability of replacing existing trawls. The results were shared collectively with industry, regulators and government officials to help inform discussions related to the potential to normalise the way this fishery is prosecuted and managed.

Although several potential ways to mitigate the impact of the fishery on the ecosystem have been identified through bycatch reduction measures and better reporting of catch to aid management, none of these have been implemented. Conflict is likely to increase as shrimp productivity is expected to increase with climate change in this region, as will demand.

We would like to engage with the multidisciplinary audience in STACEES to discuss potential options including navigating routes to more dynamic governance, regulation and management that will be needed to address the speed and magnitude of change in this region.

STACEES Sustainable development conundrum in artisanal fisheries poster 2021

‘Sustainable development conundrum in artisanal fisheries – a case study in Peru’ video on YouTube