Open Call for STACEES Image Gallery Exhibition

STACEES is curating an image gallery to be exhibited in St Salvator’s Quad from 13 September until 31 October. In the run up to the COP26 climate summit in November, we will use this opportunity to feature engaging and eye-catching images from St Andrews students and staff who are working on climate, energy, environment, and sustainability.  

The exhibition will enhance visibility of the world-leading research happening at St Andrews and share climate-focused knowledge with the public and members of the University community.  

STACEES invites you to submit an original image related to your research or work for consideration for the exhibition. The STACEES team will choose 12 images to print for the in-person gallery and will publish all qualifying images on a new virtual gallery on our website:

Selected images will be professionally produced and will be printed on Tyvek (a weather-proof material). The posters will be as big as possible within a space of 110x110cm. All submissions should be at least 150dpi

We are looking for images that will turn heads and spark conversations. Ideally, the images should speak for themselves or require a brief caption only, 100 words or less. These should be original images produced by or explicitly for the researcher. The researcher should have written permission to use the image if produced by someone else. 

If your photographs feature people, permission is not explicitly required from each individual if photos are taken in a public setting. Otherwise, you must have permission from the people who are photographed. Verbal or written permission given by the subject at the time of photography is fine.  

Any photos including children require formal permission from their parents or guardians for us to be able to feature these. 

Further guidance on the use of photography: 

If you think your project is a great candidate for the exhibition, but don’t currently have an image to submit, you may email us at [email protected], and we can discuss options for working with you to create an image.  

Submissions can be entered here. The deadline for submissions: Sunday 11th July 2021.