Managing Urban Deer in Scotland: Understanding Perceptions to Shape Policymaking

Researcher: Abi Whitefield (PhD Student)
Supervisors: Dr Charles Warren, Dr Althea Davies

School of Geography and Sustainable Development

(with funding from the University, Forestry and Land Scotland and SAGES)

Scotland’s deer populations have been growing for many years, with some populations now encroaching into urban areas. Consequently, human-deer interaction has increased, with conflict between the two resulting in the possible need for deer management. Little is known about these deer, with scarce research on the topic, and therefore policies are being shaped with an insufficient evidence-base. PhD student Abi Whitefield’s study aims to understand the perceptions and experiences of experts, local authority staff, local councillors and the public regarding urban deer and deer management in Scotland, aiming to help shape policymaking. 

This image shows a red deer stood on the doorstep of a house within an urban area of Scotland.

Photography: David Quarrell