Kashika Malhotra, Founder

RAMP aims to incorporate design thinking to create sustainable learning for students from underserved backgrounds. In partnership with Delhi-based NGO Wishings and Blessings, we conducted educational and creative workshops for students, giving them a platform to both understand the importance of issues like environmental protection and child safety, as well as channel their inner imagination and design logos geared towards promoting these positive social issues. Ultimately, selected logos are used as designs for our clothing line which funds further educational and awareness opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds (all proceeds go to Wishings and Blessings NGO).

The image shows an underprivileged child making a drawing of his understanding of water as a source in our lives. After a session on the uses of water, contamination of water, and the effects of that all across the globe, he designed a logo titled “Jal Hi Jeevan” (translating to Water is Life).
This logo was one of the first ones that was printed on a t-shirt by RAMP. The overall workshop was beneficial to the students for them to understand the issue on a global scale and also link it to their day to day life to understand what they can do as well. This further emphasised RAMP’s ideology and purpose to promote sustainability and sustainable learning.

Photographer: Kashika Malhotra